Brett Torino

Meet Brett Torino

As a teenager, who grew up in California and spent a lot of time on construction sites, Brett Torino realized he had a passion for building things, which he has excelled at for the past four decades.

After graduating from UNLV with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business, economics, and finance, Brett became immersed in different aspects of the real estate industry.


An energetic go-getter, he was being recognized as one of the “Top 100 Builders in the Country” by the prestigious publication, Professional Builder by the time he was in his mid-thirties.

Over the years, Brett continued to receive numerous awards as he expanded his horizons and built many multi-family complexes and luxury master-planned communities in key markets across the country.

Upon entering the commercial sector, he earned a reputation as a successful developer, constructing $3 billion worth of large-scale entertainment and retail centers that span the country from the east to the west coast as part of his personal portfolio. Brett sold some of those projects over the years, but still retains ownership in almost $2 billion worth of various properties, half of which are located in Las Vegas with many of them on the competitive Las Vegas Strip.

But Brett doesn’t just build multi-million-dollar structures made of steel and wood, stone and glass; he is a man who has built a deep sense of camaraderie in the Las Vegas community over the years, holding a variety of positions on the boards of local and national charitable organizations.

Of all his many accomplishments, the thing Brett is most proud of building isn’t a brick and mortar structure; it’s the Brett Torino Foundation, which has turned the hopes and dreams of terminally ill and emotionally wounded children into a reality, through the youth programs held each summer at the magical outdoor wonderland Brett spent many years and millions of dollars constructing known as Torino Ranch.

Torino Ranch Gate

Brett also understands the essential building blocks education provides, which is why he also works with the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation to fund the Brett Torino Foundation Education Services at Sunrise Children’s Hospital that provides staff, school supplies, and equipment to young patients who are hospitalized for an extended amount of time, so they can continue their studies. In conjunction with NCCF, and teachers and honor students at UNLV, the Brett Torino Foundation also supports an outreach tutoring program and other educational services for children in the community.

NCCF’s C.A.P.S. program

Brett has also helped build a coalition of activists from various environmental organizations, who care deeply about preserving public lands. Brett’s original mission to clean up graffiti, replace gun-riddled signs, and remove trash that was dumped at Lovell Canyon grew into an even greater endeavor as the Save Lovell Canyon Initiative merged with Save Red Rock, one of the most prominent environmental movements in Southern Nevada.

Camp Heart & Sole Campers clean up Lovell Canyon

Brett plays as hard as he works, and his life is multi-faceted, jam-packed, and fulfilling. A former ultra-endurance triathlete and long-distance runner, Brett participated in many world-class competitions over the past forty years that required a tremendous amount of discipline.

As he gets older, he remains agile by engaging in an active lifestyle of hiking and biking. He also stretches and performs some form of intense aerobic workout five or six days a week. As part of his belief in a healthy body, mind, and spirit connection, Brett does not smoke or drink alcohol. He enjoys an organic, plant-based diet, and practices a Buddhist meditation daily.

Flying his two Airbus helicopters is Brett’s personal passion. He is a commercially trained, instrument rated pilot with thousands of hours in the air. He especially loves flying low enough to the ground to appreciate the beauty of the wilderness terrain.

He has a reverence for nature, and enjoys seeing the profusion of flowers, and the multitude and variety of aspen, redwood, cedars, blue spruce, poplars, and other trees that he himself planted on the ranch.

He loves visiting the greenhouses on the property, and watching the children, who come during summer camps, witness the miracle of growing and harvesting organic vegetables, and drying and preserving a variety of peaches, pears, apricots, etc. from the bountiful fruit trees. He also loves observing the abundance of hummingbirds and other wildlife that inhabit the land.

In many ways, Brett is a complex man with simple needs. He has the intelligence and acumen of a business leader; the heart and generosity of a philanthropist; the consciousness and appreciation for nature of an environmentalist; and the courage and dedication of a man who is willing to take risks to make a positive difference in the world.


Brett Torino

Brett says his purpose is to inspire people.

It’s about showing people that if you care, you can make a difference on every level of your life. Be kind to one another, to the environment, and to all living creatures. Do not consume what you don’t need and lead by example. How you care for others will become your legacy, so make it your priority.


Yes, Brett Torino is a builder of many things in the physical world; but more importantly he creates smiles and laughter, joy and happiness in the hearts of others. His is a life well-lived.

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