Meet Brett Torino

Brett Torino

Brett Torino is a developer, environmental advocate, endurance athlete, car collector, helicopter pilot, lover of nature, and philanthropist who has been living and giving in the Las Vegas community for nearly five decades.

As a teenager, who grew up in California and spent a lot of time on construction sites, Brett Torino realized he had a passion for building things, which he has excelled at for the past four decades.

After graduating from UNLV with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business, economics, and finance, Brett became immersed in different aspects of the real estate industry. Recognized as one of the “Top 100 Builders in the Country” by Professional Builder magazine in his mid-thirties, Brett’s energy and determination are the cornerstones of his incredible success.

Over the years he has earned a reputation as a successful developer, constructing $3 billion worth of large-scale entertainment and retail centers that span the country from the east to the west coast as part of his personal portfolio. But Brett doesn’t just build multi-million-dollar structures made of steel and wood, stone and glass; he is a man who has built a deep sense of camaraderie in the Las Vegas community over the years, holding a variety of positions on the boards of local and national charitable organizations.

Of all his many accomplishments, the thing Brett is most proud of building isn’t a brick and mortar structure; it’s the Brett Torino Foundation.

Brett plays as hard as he works. A former ultra-endurance triathlete and long-distance runner, Brett participated in many world-class competitions over the past forty years that required a tremendous amount of discipline. Flying his two Airbus helicopters is Brett’s personal passion. He is a commercially trained, instrument rated pilot with thousands of hours in the air. He has a reverence for nature, and enjoys seeing the profusion of flowers, and the multitude and variety of aspen, redwood, cedars, blue spruce, poplars, and other trees that he himself planted on the ranch.

Brett says his purpose is to inspire people.

“It’s about showing people that if you care, you can make a difference on every level of your life. Be kind to one another, to the environment, and to all living creatures. Do not consume what you don’t need and lead by example. How you care for others will become your legacy, so make it your priority.”

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A September Moment with the Founder
In honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we are immensely proud of our longstanding partnership of over two decades with @nvccf. Together, we have diligently championed the cause of raising awareness about this illness and have been dedicated to advancing services provided to the children and their families. Over the years, our collaborative efforts have resulted in the development of educational services for children undergoing treatments and the establishment of a refuge through the summer camps at Torino Ranch, where cherished memories are created, offering a respite from the challenges faced by these young fighters. @kariofmanycolors @celenahaas1
School starts on Aug. 7 and the @bretttorinofoundation Education Services of @nvccf is there every step of the way. This program gives diagnosed children the opportunity to continue their education while in treatment, recovery, and post treatment with Brett Torino Foundation Learning Pod at @nvccf, Brett Torino Foundation “Heart of Education” Scholarship, School Re-Entry Team, Advocacy, Back to School in Style, C.A.P.S. PROGRAM, and more.

Please call Mrs. K at NVCCF at 702.735.8434 or email her at for more information and education support. This program is available to critically ill children (K-12) diagnosed with life threatening illnesses including cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell, renal, blood, and immunologic diseases, their siblings, as well as to children whose parents are diagnosed with cancer and registered with The Caring Place Program.
🎉 Congratulations to @nvccf Jeff, Stephanie, and the entire team! What a remarkable honor, and we couldn't be more proud to collaborate with you on Camp Cartwheel and the BTF educational services and programs throughout the year. Your dedication to the children and the Las Vegas Community is truly commendable. Thank you, NVCCF, for making a positive impact on so many lives! 🙌🏼 #givingback
A round of applause for another captivating camp experience with @sunshinenevadaorg! Immerse yourself in the world of camp I AM and TLC through this informative video, capturing the essence of camp life. While camp may be seen as a typical experience for some children, for those living with autism, it is an extraordinary and transformative journey. From engaging activities to forming meaningful connections with others and nature, both the campers and volunteers have created countless cherished memories. Stay connected with us throughout the year for captivating camp images on our social media, pages and website.
ICYMI: Proud to partner with @saveredrock and other local groups @centennial_subaru @republic_services and more for Lovell Canyon clean up with nearly 100 volunteers. We are committed to the continuous preservation and beauty of our nature lands.
Thrilled to host @Sunshinenevadaorg summer camp at Torino Ranch helping those living with autism, we have waited more than 3 years to see all these smiling faces of the children. Can’t wait to host you all again next year! #givingback
It takes a village to support children with critical illnesses, to wrap services around them, and ensure that they and their families feel deeply supported. Summer camp fun not only brings joy but also instills strength and courage within them, empowering them to face medical challenges throughout the year. Together, we form a close-knit family, united in our dedication to their well-being. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @nvccf @8newsnow @8newsnowkirsten @kirsten.joyce
Last week, Brett Torino Foundation and @nvccf Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation held the 27th annual Camp Cartwheel Summer Camp at Torino Ranch for critically ill children diagnosed with cancer, or other life-threatening illnesses. Over the decades many thousands of children have experienced the ranch since 1999, the foundation is committed to those we serve.
It’s beginning to look a lot like 🎄at the ranch. 
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Have you visited Lovell Canyon? 🏔

Our team has worked for years with a specialized task force to make this area safe and environmentally healthy. We’re incredibly proud of the clean up and preservation work we’ve achieved. 

Come see this natural wonder!
Hoping your plates and hearts are bountiful today. Happy Thanksgiving 🍁
Now is the time of year for gratitude. What are you grateful for? 
Be kind to one another, the environment, and all living creatures. 🙏